For offshore students

Australian Higher Education Service proudly presents you with the excellent opportunity to study overseas with several options based on your individual preference. You will be grateful for gaining the experience of quality education and ultimately being a global graduate. Your dream of study overseas will not remain just the same once you join us. We help you in making your dream a success!

What and where?

You have the option of selecting the best educational institute by checking out the availability for your field of study. We facilitate your requisite since we have more than 400 university partners with course varieties.

Instant Feedback

After you have finished selecting your fields of studies and the universities, We provide you instant feedback by sorting out the university offers obtained for your request with demand.


A to Z guidance and instructions are given throughout the entire process - help you in finding out the best field of study matches with you, selecting the best offer, guidance for course application and visa process.


You will be assisting with an information session conducted by our head office before the departure. We will be supporting you now and then to overcome the challenges and problems by fulfilling you with the required knowledge.

For onshore students

If you are looking for the best course in a reputed University, this will be your ideal place to start it. We give you the opportunity in receiving high-quality academic requirements by attaching you with our top-ranked partner universities. Our professionals give you the personal care and help you in selecting the suited program and finding out the ideal institution.

Changing University

Sometimes, it can take some time to settle down with your new university life. But if you decide no longer to study in the current university, you can transfer to another university or college with your choice. You have to check the availability of your current course in the program list of your preferred university.

Changing Study

If you feel the course of study you’re studying isn’t quite suit for you, or feel something else interesting, it is possible to switch on to a separate course with your desire. You should submit a declaration to say that you prefer in switching to a different course.

Changing location

If you need to change your current location due to personal matters or any other circumstances, it will not be a restriction to your university life. You have the right to study at your own desire and freedom.

Continuing on or upgrading your study

If you need to have a broader range of courses or trying to enhance your professional and personal qualifications to move forward with the competitive labor market, continuing or upgrading your studies will be the best solution. We have the pathways, undergraduate and postgraduate programs that you can complete by one after the other and reach greater heights with more confidence. Feel free to contact us to receive more information on this.